Feb. 7, 2022

8 types/forms of Love

by Vasiliki Raja

8 types/forms of Love (based on Ancient Greeks approach)
1) Eros: erotic love, it includes fertility, sexual energy, passion, pleasures
2) Philia: affectionate love, friendly love, it includes loyalty, sharing emotions
3) Strorge: familiar love, between parents and children
4) Ludus: Playful love, it includes dance, laugh, playing
5) Mania: obsessive love, it is unbalance between Eros and lack of Filautia, it includes jealous, possessiveness, violence
6) Pragma: enduring love, long-term relationship, giving harmony between a couple, the institution of marriage
7) Philautia: self love, taking care about yourself, I respect myself, inner love, inner connection, inner balance
8) Agape: selfless love, compassionate love, unconditional love, empathy, given freely without any desires, expectations or judgement

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